Auditory Verbal Therapy

Extensive research has demonstrated that early intervention is essential to the complete development of children with challenges. The Auditory Learning Centre’s early intervention programme is based on the Auditory Verbal approach where professionals and parents work closely together to ensure that children reach their full potential when developing listening skills and spoken language.

Auditory Verbal Therapy follows the same progression of stages of communication development as those seen in hearing children. Its goals are to educate and guide parents as they help their child acquire the skills to:

  • Listen as well as possible with consistent use of hearing aids / cochlear implants.
  • Understand what is being said.
  • Talk clearly to communicate.
  • Reach full potential in all skill areas (gross motor, fine motor, cognitive).

The Auditory Verbal approach is based on Ten Guiding Principles, some of which are:

  • Early diagnosis of hearing loss
  • Early fitting of hearing aids / cochlear implants
  • Early intervention
  • Active parent participation

These are fundamental to the development of independence in children with hearing loss. The Ten Principles set forth by the AG Bell Academy for Listening and Spoken Language have been adopted and are implemented in the Auditory Learning Centre’s early intervention programme.

For further information regarding the Ten Principles of Auditory Verbal Therapy click here.