Rosalie Yaremko has a M.Sc. in Aural Habilitation and is a qualified Teacher of the Deaf. She is an Auditory Verbal Therapist (LSLS Cert. AVT®) certified by the LSLS Academy of the AG Bell Association.

Ms. Yaremko has over 23 years of experience working with families, children and professionals all over the world either in clinical or school settings. She has successfully guided parents of newborn infants and provided support to school aged children all the way through to high school.

Ms. Yaremko has extensive experience providing services to individuals who have received Cochlear Implants. In Sydney, Australia she was actively involved in the development of the Children’s Cochlear Implant Centre, one of the pioneering programmes in the world. Since returning to Canada in 1996 she has continued to work with babies, children and young adults with cochlear implants.

Ms.Yaremko is also involved in training professionals who work with deaf and hard of hearing individuals. She regularly presents locally and abroad.

Ms. Yaremko presently:

  • Lectures at the University of British Columbia in the Master of Deaf Education programme
  • Consults to the Tokyo Medical University Cochlear Implant Team and regularly visits their Centre in Japan
  • Consults to Teachers of the Deaf who work with students who have cochlear implants in both Public and Independent school settings.
  • Provides direct services to students and supports classroom teachers in Independent schools.
  • Provides Auditory Verbal Therapy to families and babies in their homes.