It is very difficult to come to terms with having a child diagnosed with a hearing loss or deafness. It is also natural for parents in this situation to grieve and feel a huge amount of sadness. Fortunately new and amazing technology is now available to help babies, toddlers and children overcome their hearing challenges.

Babies and toddlers who have been diagnosed with a hearing loss have a much brighter future than they would have had as little as 10 or 15 years ago. The ability to hear, listen and talk is now absolutely realistic regardless of the degree of hearing loss.

Mother of a child with a profound hearing loss:

“I keep telling James to keep quiet in the car so I can focus on driving – never thought I would say that!”

The Auditory Learning Centre is uniquely positioned to help your child. We start working with babies right after diagnosis. The key to success is Auditory Verbal Therapy  combined with your child’s use of hearing aids or cochlear implants. Thanks to the newest hearing devices and our Family-Centred approach, deaf and hard of hearing children can play and communicate with their hearing peers, go to their local schools and fully integrate into the community.

As a result of the advanced technology, school-age children who are deaf and hard of hearing and who go to their local schools can concentrate on learning the academic material rather than struggling with hearing. The Auditory Learning Centre specializes in helping students develop listening skills, language and clear speech, and assists with the management of the hearing equipment.