School-Age Children

What We Do

The Auditory Learning Centre offers support to deaf and hard of hearing students who are mainstreamed into regular classroom settings. The type and frequency of services are tailored to the needs of the individual student and to the support required by the classroom teachers and other school professionals. We come to you – students have uninterrupted learning support.

Services provided through the Auditory Learning Centre (via a Teacher of the Deaf/Auditory Verbal Therapist) include:

  • Participation in the Individual Educational Plan (IEP)
  • Assistance to teachers and students with the management of technology (Hearing Aids, FM Systems, Cochlear Implants)
  • Provision of support and recommendations to classroom teachers

Individual programmes are designed to assist with:

  • Development of auditory skills
  • Improvement of articulation and conversational speech
  • Development of expressive and receptive Language
  • Academic support
  • Social integration

Support is provided in the school at a time that is convenient for the student and teacher. The sessions may involve in-class support or withdrawal from the classroom. This is determined by the needs of the student.